Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walk The Line

I love Johnny Cash and when I first heard the guy singing this I didn't like the song but hearing as a duet really does something for me. I first saw the video on the Blog Never Ever Shake a Kakie .

Here is Johnny singing it...

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Thoughts on The Jeff Buckley Tribute Show I went to

I am hanging out at the Jeff Buckley tribute show at the Key Club. Jeff Buckley's mom was tonights special guest she said the performers "are going to shoot the moon." There was some speculation by some ladies from New Jersey that Bon Jovi was going to be the special guest because Jon Bon Jovi had spoken about Jeff at a recent concert.

The lighting at the show seems very weird. The performers seemed very washed out. There is a little screen above the bar seems more real than watching the show live. The performers where pretty good though they mainly focused on doing their best Jeff Buckley impersinations. Except for 3 of the performers. One was a male female duet where the played the guitar with a bow. Another stand out was a guy playing with a steel guitar. Then final stand out of the evening was my friend Mark Macminn. Who play guitar and brought a nice spin to the performance by playing harmonica.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Faceing the Facts

So today I finally came to grips with the fact that I don't like Nine Inch Nails. I have always thought of my self as a fan of NIN, because I was in high school during the height of their popularity. I have always felt this great since of obligation to my high school since of cool. When I was in high school I think I could relate to them better and I think I did like them but I was never a big fan. It was kind of like hanging out at the park just kind of one of those you do and enjoy some times but most of the time it is just a waste. So today I deleted all of the NIN songs that I had on my iPod because I usually just skip past them when it is on shuffle and I don't think I have ever picked an NIN song to listen to. But it was a very hard decision, like throwing away a "loved" item of clothing you never wear but swear one day you will.