Sunday, September 23, 2007

Radiohead Creep

Radiohead has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard the song creep in the 1990's. Then when OK Computer was released I went absolutely ape for Radiohead. That album insured them a place in my personal musical hall of fame. But I am not a very good listener, so even though I have listened to the song Creep hundreds of times. I have never really understood the first lines of that song until I watched the video above.

The song suddenly means so much more to me now. The lines "When you were here before, couldn't look you in the eye. You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry. You float like a feather in a beautiful world. I wish I was special, you're so very special." Is kind of the story of my life when it comes to women. So often I have this lack of confidence that cripples me. When a woman beautiful in the way that their "skin makes me cry" I am unable to look at them.

Then once I am able to at least partially overcome the inability to look at a woman like that, who happens to also be intelligent, I'm suddenly unable to put two sentences together to save my life. I am really not sure why I turn women into angels. Well being a self conscious man is a crippling disease.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Young Folks Peter Bjorn And John

For the last month or two I have been haunted by the Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John . I absolutely love the instrumentation. And the whistling is haunting so haunting... but reassuring.
The the lyrics are out of sight. The wording and the chorus and fantastic plus they speak to who I am.

I tend to worry that I am not good enough. I beat my self up or feel that people wouldn't like me if they knew who I really was. But, I am often reminded by God and other people not to beat my self up. "It doesn't matter what you did, who you were hanging with we could stick around and see this night through." Reminds me of God's grace and how he wants you to stick in there with him and repent when you screw up. Maybe I'm putting too much of my own spin on the lyrics, but that is why it sticks in the back of my mind and haunts me.

Guy :
If I told you things I did before
told you how I used to be
would you go along with someone like me
If you knew my story word for word
had all of my history
would you go along with someone like me

I did before and had my share
it didn't lead nowhere
i would go along with someone like you
it doesn't matter what you did
who you were hanging with
we could stick around and see this night through

It seems like they are a guy and a girl who have some abandonment issues but want to have a good time on a summer night not worrying about any one else but them. Man is this one good song here are a couple of videos from the Peter Bjorn And John website.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Feist On Jimmy Kemmil Live - I promise this won't just be youtube clips

So for all of you nerds who don't know who Feist is or don't think she is cool her is a clip of her performing live and they are using some great instruments.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mellow Gold Documentary

I was obsessed with Beck for a few days and I cam across this documentary made at the 10th anniversary of the album Mellow Gold.

It is interesting to see the back story of Beck and how he started out as "Farm Boy" and became a hipster.